The Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy

Join thousands of marketeers, copywriters and business-owners as a member of The Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy and we promise to support you as you become a better copywriter.

The Academy was founded by leading independent copywriter Andy Maslen in 2012. It is free to join and aims to encourage copywriters to become better at their craft through study, interaction with other copywriters, and practice.

We provide a library of free copywriting resources in the Resource Centre including articles, podcasts, downloads and videos.

And, twice a year, we host a ten-week online training course called Andy Maslen’s Breakthrough Copywriting.

Andy is well-known in copywriting circles.

He is the author of four best-selling books on copywriting, including Write Sell: The Ultimate Guide to Great Copywriting.

He is managing director of copywriting agency Sunfish, where he works with organisations that want to get their message across in writing.

And he speaks and writes widely on copywriting.

His first corporate copywriting job was writing direct mail campaigns for a reports publisher. His last was running the same company’s marketing department. He says he enjoyed the first job more than the last.


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