Why work with me?

Copywriting that works for you

Our background is in client-side marketing, so we understand the importance of the bottom-line. We’re not interested in ‘cool’, ‘creative’ or ‘witty’ copy that wins awards but not customers.

We write hard-working words that deliver your message to your target audience. And make them act in the way you want.

How you benefit from Sunfish copywriting

Outsourcing your b2b or subscriptions copywriting to Sunfish means…

You get professionally written copy that really sells your product, service or company.

You draw on the skills of professional copywriters who live or die by the quality of their writing and marketing insights.

Instead of copywriting, you get to spend your time talking to customers, researching new markets and all those other marketing jobs you’d rather be doing.

If you want to see what Sunfish copywriting clients think of our copy, have a look at the testimonials page.

7 ways copywriting from Sunfish makes your life easier

Choose Sunfish for your next mailpack, ad, web page or e-mail campaign and you benefit in seven important ways:

  1. Increased return on investment Our ability to write effective copy means you get a better return on your investment in marketing.
  2. Better use of your time We work fast and stick to your brief. With minimal need for revision you can spend your time on strategy, planning, management and analysis.
  3. Peace of mind We handle all your projects personally. From the smallest copy writing job to the largest.
  4. Flexibility You can come to Sunfish for copywriting for a single e-mail, a complete dm campaign, a website, a postcard or renewal series. Whatever you want, just tell us
  5. Value for money You get a fixed quote for every copywriting job, so you can track your spending. And you only pay for the copy. Not swanky offices, account managers or company cars.
  6. Expert input We bring over 40 years’ experience in copywriting to every one of your projects. You gain from our commercial insight into what works and why.
  7. Copy AND design We work with Ross Speirs, a talented designer. So, if you want, you get copywriting and design that work in harmony from a single briefing.

Fees and working method

We charge by the project, supplying a no-obligation flat-fee quote. The fee quoted includes up to three drafts for copy and three proofs for design.

Normally, the client supplies a detailed written brief including campaign objectives, audience background, technical information, house style/tone of voice and brand guidelines.

We can also work from face-to-face or telephone briefings.

Call now on +44 (0)1722 413 900 or email us for a quote on your next copywriting project.


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